Tanezrouft 055 : H4 © Meteoriteshow  

Official name : Tanezrouft 055
Date of find :
May 16, 2002
Total mass :
251 g
# of fragments :
1 fragment
Place : Tanezrouft (Algeria)
Meteoritical Bulletin n°
87 (2003)
Classified by :
MNHN Paris & Blaise Pascal University - Clt. Fd.
Type :
Weathering grade : W3
%Fa :
%Fs : 16,5%
Remarks :
Beautiful meteorite, that shows fusion crust and chondrules on its surface.

on site picture : May 16, 2002

rests of fusion crust and chondrules visible on the surface
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nice chondrules on this cut section
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The brown color of the matrix shows that this meteorite had a long stay on Earth. Mainly small chondrules can be seen, with some few bigger ones. Metal is quite oxidized.
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