Acfer 330 : L6 © Meteoriteshow  

Official name : Acfer 330
Date of find :
December 23, 2001
Total mass :
490 g
# of fragments :
1 single fragment
Place : Acfer (Algeria)
Meteoritical Bulletin n°
87 (2003)
Classified by :
MNHN Paris & Blaise Pascal University - Clt. Fd.
Type :
Weathering grade :
%Fa :
%Fs : 22,1%
Remarks :
This meteorite contains lots of metal and is very fresh. Despite a high metamorphism, its structure shows some remaining dark chondrules.

on site picture : December 23, 2001

upper part of the meteorite, that has been exposed to erosion (sand wind)

this side was on the ground and shows a light oxidation due to moisture rising from the soil


view of the structure showing the freshness and high native metal content of this meteorite.
some chondrules with quite sharp boundaries are still present.
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