Saharian Hunting

Hunting meteorites in Sahara is definitely not an easy job, but when loving the Desert the same way as we do, it then becomes a real passion... Each expedition is like an adventure that needs to be prepared long time before leaving Europe, working on maps, satellite pictures available on the web.

Hours spent, trying to imagine how the selected spot will look like, wondering whether we will have the chance to find some nice meteorites...

And then comes the "D" day ! The 4x4s are ready for action, and we take the ferry to North Africa ! 

About a week drive to reach the spot and there we are... Maybe the choice of the season was not the best one... SAND STORM !!! We cannot see further than few meters ahead. Hopefully, with the help of the GPS and the walky-talkies, we stay on the track and keep in touch with each other.

Sometimes lucky, we get our first find after a few hours only. But most of the times, we can stay 1 or 2 days without finding anything... Hard to get in a good mood then !

But the best moment of the day arrives, when we stop, set the fire on for the bivouac, prepare our meal and have a wonderful night under thousands of stars...

And the next day is another day, providing hopes and doubts, and finally... the first meteorites !!!

click on pictures to see an enlargement

After spending several weeks hunting, it is then time to come back home, to bring our finds to the "Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle" in Paris to have them analyzed and then recorded in the Meteoritical Bulletin.

The final step is then to have some cut sections, thin blades and fragments or full pieces ready for presentation on our web site & exhibitions...

It does not only look like an adventure, but it is one, with the real color, smell and taste !!!

Mauritania 1

Mauritania 2

Mauritania 3