Acfer 359 : H6 © Meteoriteshow  

Official name: Acfer 359
Date of find:
November 15, 2002
Total mass:
67 g
# of fragments:
1 complete individual
Place: Acfer (Algeria)
Meteoritical Bulletin n°
88 (July 2004)
Classified by:
ENS Lyon - France
Type: H6
Weathering grade:
Shock stage: S3
Fa : 18.61% (range: 17.6-19.6%)
Fs%: 17.25% (range: 15.3-31.4%)
ACFER 359 is an H6 chondrite. Olivine and pyroxene display planar fracture and ondulotary extinction, but very rare mosaicism. Feldspar is always well crystallized. This meteorite needs therefore to be classified as shock stage 3.

on site picture: November 15, 2002

View of the main mas of Acfer 359
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Polished slice - many metal flakes
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More detailed view of the structure
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