Tanezrouft 067 : L impact melt © Meteoriteshow  

Official name : Tanezrouft 067
Date of find :
November 27, 2002
Total mass :
50 g
# of fragments :
1 fragment unique
Place : Tanezrouft (Algeria)
Meteoritical Bulletin n°
88 (expected May 04)
Classified by :
ENS Lyon - France
Type :
L - Impact Melt
Weathering grade :
%Fa :
23.99% (range 23.3-24.7%)
%Fs : 19.14% (range 05.9-20.8%)
Remarks (ENS) :
This L chondrite impact melt has a brecchia structure with centimetric clasts, embedded in a fine-grained olivine/pyroxene matrix. Within this matrix, small rounded sulphur grains are present diagnostic of melting. The clasts are recrystallized showing an advanced L6 type petrology. Millimetric shock veins are criss-crossing the section, but the Raman spectroscopy investigation did not reveal the occurrence of any high-pressure polymorph (...)

on site picture : November 27, 2002

(...) It is made of a mixture of highly recrystallized chondritic clasts. Only one relict chondrule was observed in the studied thin section. Numerous rounded sulphurs are observed in the matrix diagnostic of a melting event. Since BB313 is an impact melt, it could be classified as shock stage 7.

Complete meteorite after cutting the type specimen for ENS-Lyon
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The inside is surprising!
Really a gorgeous Impact Melt...
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Cut section: You can see the brecchia structure of this rare impact melt, in which some big recrystallized clasts are displayed. Note the color differences between the clasts and the roud shaped metal flakes, witnessing the melting event.
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